Women's Choice 
 & Freedom 

A woman deciding to terminate her pregnancy by means of undergoing an abortion procedure is within her rights to do so as she is simply exercising free will. My campaign upholds the right for women to choose what is best for themselves.


State and Federal funding should only be used in the event of an abortion procedure if the pregnancy was caused by either rape or incest; or if the life of the mother is endangered at any time during pregnancy




Recent limitations have been put in place by the majority , and are in the process of trying to severely limit even more, a woman’s right to choose. GOP sponsored legislation passed by the General Assembly in recent years to limit abortion procedures, effectively bans all abortions severely restricts women’s rights, as shown in the Heartbeat Bill.


These are brazen attempts to legislate a moral viewpoint held by a minority against the majority view in this State.  As Senator, I am opposed to such actions by the Legislature.


 GOP Efforts To 

 Regulate Women 

Women have the right to choose their form of birth control and any attempts, like the recent HB182, to broaden the definition of abortion that in effect directly interferes in the relationship between a woman and her doctor should be blocked.

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 Access To 

 Birth Control