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Being smarter about taxes is not just saying we’ll cut taxes, it is about an honest and transparent conversation about where our tax dollars will be spent.

It is also widely accepted that some form of taxation must exist to pay for goods and services that are enjoyed by the public at large and which contribute to their safety and security in their homes and communities.

Our country’s founding and continued existence is filled with examples of citizens largely fighting against excessive taxation either on a personal or community level or resentment against segments of the populace that are not paying their share of taxes .

Ohio's example is clear; tax cuts initiated by Republicans regularly over the years to the wealthy has Ohio using more and more Fed dollars to balance its books than ever before. During the same time, Republican administrations have siphoned away local tax revenue forcing local governments to raise more levies to cover costs.

Ohio needs to have a truly equitable form of taxation that ensures everyone is paying their share who are capable and obligated to do so, and to reduce the state's reliance on federal funds to balance its books.


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