Tax Policy 

Being smarter about taxes is not just saying we’ll cut taxes, it is about an honest and transparent conversation about where our tax dollars will be spent.

It is also widely accepted that some form of taxation must exist to pay for goods and services that are enjoyed by the public at large and which contribute to their safety and security in their homes and communities.

Our country’s founding and continued existence is filled with examples of citizens largely fighting against excessive taxation either on a personal or community level or resentment against segments of the populace that are not paying their share of taxes .

My campaign is about expecting Smarter Taxation from your political representatives


Income Tax

The income tax is more politically charged than any other tax and used in the worst ways. Americans have been convinced for years they’re paying too much in income taxes and have had them cut repeatedly by the Federal and State governments. The result is that each time it happens, the gap in wealth just keeps getting wider because the top 1% receive the most benefit from cuts to the income tax.

President Biden’s plan to not increase federal income taxes for those making under $400K a year makes sense and is a good first step to making income taxes fairer and helping raise revenues to pay for services.

There are proposals to cut income taxes on any overtime pay received by workers who work 40 hours or more per week. This would be a fast and smart way to deliver quick economic relief to the middle class who work long overtime hours with little more pay to show for it.


Carbon Tax

More experts and political leaders are coming to the opinion that a Carbon tax placed on the fossil fuel industries will help transition our energy use away from burning fossil fuels.

Revenues from a carbon tax will help rebuild communities most affected by the fossil fuel industry and help create new energy jobs that will transform our power generation and transportation sectors.