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 LGBTQ Community 
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I believe the values I grew up with are still possible despite today’s toxic politics. My values inform my view on LGBTQ equality and the unique issues that community faces in our district.


Don’t Say Gay Bills

Republicans in states like Florida and now Ohio have introduced “Dont say gay” laws that tell our teachers to ignore our children’s needs. My campaign is opposed to bills such as HB68 which would cause harm to our LGBTQ kids by further stigmatizing them.


Trans Kids Deserve to Play Sports

Every kid deserves to play sports consistent with their gender identity. Last year 66 bills across the country were introduced to discriminate against trans youth in sports. This attack on our kids is an effort to create a new boogeyman in politics just as gay marriage was in the early 2000’s. It’s wrong and I don’t support it.


LGBTQ Healthcare

Healthcare is a basic right for everyone. That includes our LGBTQ youth who’ve seen a multitude of bills introduced denying them gender affirming healthcare. Some of these laws even aim to punish parents of trans kids who help their children get the healthcare they need in order to thrive and live as they are. HB68 needs to stay off the books. Period.

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