Image by Patrick Tomasso

Great Roads... If We Can Keep Them.

Infrastructure impacts all of us everyday and it is the one area that we have allowed to deteriorate everyday for decades. Honesty and transparency are called for and it’s critically important we increase the public’s awareness and oversight over the caretakers of our public works. If citizens are being asked to pay more at the pump and see their monthly utility bills rise, then the taxpayer should expect improvements in their everyday lives when they travel, use water or want to go online. 


A Bank Owned by The People

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to go to a bank that you own and be able to help finance your small business, buy your first home, or start a college fund for your kids? The Bank of North Dakota started as an agriculturally-focused bank but over the decades became engaged in economic development in major ways that helped People.

Heated and lighted highways using carbon fiber materials to house data and power transmission lines. Public banks could also invest in new mass transit for our communities across the country.

Public banks provide bond financing for municipalities to upgrade their wastewater treatment facilities, investment opportunities for industries designing the next generation of road surfaces and other mass transit for our communities across the country.

All we need is honest leadership to make it happen. The federal government can match start-up funds by the states and would be a way for the government to give back to the local communities in need of financial assistance with their infrastructure problems.


The Nation’s Roads 

The recently enacted $1.7 Trillion Infrastructure Program will go some way to restoring our Nation’s roadways and bridges and expand our digital grid, particularly in rural areas. However, much more needs to be done and that is why Build Back Better must be passed by Congress because America must not be the country of broken roads and collapsing bridges.


Clean Water for All

Clean and accessible water is as important as healthcare. Build Back Better helps by replacing old pipes made from lead and rebuilding water works in rural small areas to ensure People are drinking safe water and aren’t paying an arm and a leg every month to have it. Upgrading these facilities will also help clean up our public waterways, specifically the Lake Erie and the Ohio River watersheds.