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I believe the values I grew up with are still possible despite today’s toxic political environment saying otherwise. The shared ideals our communities have can be readily found when we hold a respectful conversation with our neighbors. The solutions we seek for producing good paying jobs that can raise families and give dignity to people are right in front of us when we work together.

We must hold our ground against the partisan elite and special interests who wish to tear us apart and increase their bottom lines at the expense of our communities. Together with your support, we can rise up together, make our communities better and truly bring Ohio back to a better future.



Hi, I'm Craig


I thought I’d take a few minutes and let you know a little more about me, my life, and why I’m running to represent OH-05 in Congress.


I was born and raised right here in Ohio. I grew up in a suburb outside of Cleveland and attended The Ohio State University. After college, I traveled to Europe, working (as an apprentice in a Munich machine shop) and studying (International Relations in Paris) for a few years, then I moved back to Ohio to help run my family’s fast food business. Then, I met my wife, Camille.


We got married in 1985, moved to London, and had our son Connor in 1991. I spent most of the 90s working in Bahrain for an investment bank, specializing in international tax and corporate governance. We returned to Ohio and moved to Upper Sandusky in 2000. It was a difficult decision, but we knew we needed to find top-notch care for our son Connor, who is on the Autism spectrum.


Although I missed working abroad, it felt amazing to be back in Ohio, to be back home.


While I worked in banking for a decade, my intrinsic passion has always been politics, starting in high school, when I led a student revolt against the student government over a disagreement about prom. Imagine, getting an entire group of seniors to band together over one issue. That was a little tricky.


After we settled in Upper Sandusky, I held a variety of jobs. I owned a restaurant, drove long-haul freight trucks across the U.S., worked a 2nd shift as a forklift operator, published a novel, and volunteered with the Special Olympics. Oh, and I was elected to the Upper Sandusky City Council.


I know, that’s a lot of different jobs. But, the variety taught me something more leaders need to know: the value of active listening and empathy. I experienced the work firsthand and could bond with my colleagues and neighbors.


Now, I’m running for the Ohio House because I’m sick of the Republicans promoting their self-serving agendas while Ohioans suffer. I’m ready to bring Ohio back to its future and forge ahead.


If you’re ready for a progressive leader like me, with a wide breadth of personal and professional experiences, who will demand fair wages, improved infrastructure, quality public education, LGBTQIA+ rights, reproductive healthcare, and so much more, chip in to my campaign so we can make this a reality. Go to


Explore my website  for more info on me and my policies.

I hope you’ll join my movement.

Craig Swartz

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