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 Our Local Economies Matter Too 

Reversing 40 years of Negligence

U.S. Labor is at a critical time in its history and it will be up to the government to help protect workers’ rights as they organize to demand better pay and working conditions.

The Pandemic period has brought out into the open what the last 40 years of neglect by government and industry leaders have done to our economy and workforce. The mad push for shareholder profits outsourced millions of good-paying jobs and destroyed communities. As a result, we have increased child mortality, domestic violence, drug use, poverty and suicide in our towns.

There is no doubt today that a skilled workforce and dependable domestic supply chain are a vital part of our national security.


Let's Build Back Labor

If Ohio's economy is going to succeed for all, labor will play an important role. The Biden Administration got key legislation passed that will rebuild our infrastructure and supply chains but much more needs to be done. We need new funding to transform our local and state economies by helping thousands of workers realize a new American dream for their future.

Ohio legislators can help by passing laws that increase opportunities for trade skill education, boost employee buy-ins for new manufacturing industries, rehabs thousands from prison, documents the undocumented and enhances employment for the disabled.



The world’s greatest economy was built by labor demanding and getting good pay for their work. Unions created the middle class and gave the next generation a hopeful future, but politicians ignored workers and sided with business in tearing down unions.

Unions are making a comeback though because everyone knows that trade skills must be maintained and expanded to get our economy on the right track. Unions are the best way for organizing and training the future of workers.

Restoring dignity among workers, regardless if they are non-union or union, needs to be a top priority for lawmakers as this will lead to better working conditions, better living standards and strong communities.

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