& Their Liberty 

Interconnected & Real

As your State Senator, I strongly feel that protecting our freedoms is vital to our way of life as Ohioans. Ohio women’s freedom to their own healthcare decisions is under attack by the regulation hungry politicians and responsible Ohio gun owners’ concerns and rights are overlooked by the majority and their lobbyists in Columbus. These freedoms and rights as affirmed by our U.S Constitution and the U.S. Supreme Court are foremost on my mind when these issues come up in our campaign.

"These two topics are connected, interestingly enough, even though they deal with totally unrelated topics."

While different on its face, these two issues share a common value; respect for an individual’s fundamental freedoms. The Framers of the Constitution ensured our rights were protected when they wrote the Constitution and set it up so that a minority could not exert their will over a majority without reaching Agreement nor could a majority exert their will by attempting to remove those rights secured under our state and U.S. Constitution.  This is why I believe that morality cannot be forced onto others by a minority as these are individual choices that are constitutionally protected.

 Ohio's Freedoms 


Did You Know?

 Your Right To Own A Gun 

 Is Affirmed By The Supreme Court