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 Ohioans & Their Liberty 

I strongly feel that protecting our freedoms under The Constitution is a duty to be shared by every citizen. Democracy requires caution on the part of its citizens to make sure their rights are not infringed upon.

The Framers made sure our rights were protected when they wrote The Constitution and set it up so a minority could not use their will over a majority without consent nor could a majority attempt to remove those rights under it.

Our American right to privacy, pursuing life with liberty and defending person and property are sacred to be sure, but must be taken in context. I believe in a living Constitution that is able to change with the times, protects our rights and promotes the interests of the many, not the few.


Guns & Defense

It is important for citizens and their leaders to agree on a path forward that protects everyone's right to defend themselves, their family and their personal property.

But it is equally as important that citizens enjoy the freedom of movement within their own home, community and state without fear of gun violence at their local supermarket, theaters, and schools.

Gun safety should be improved without infringing on anyone's constitutional rights as statistics prove more people die from gun-related suicide than from mass shootings. Supporting common sense legislation promoting gun safety and storage is a must for my campaign.

Red flag laws work when they make sure due process for those who may be a danger to themselves and others. My campaign does not believe in taking away guns without proper due process and adhering to the 4th Amendment.

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