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Image by Hal Gatewood

 Ohio's Opioid Crisis 

A Symptom of a Bigger Problem

The opioid crisis is directly related to politicians' neglect for our communities that saw their jobs move away with nothing coming back to fill the void. Social services were cut back by states and soon once lively towns turned deadly overnight as addiction and despair took over. There’s no single answer to this crisis we face, but we can help reverse the damage done to our towns and families.

  • We need to establish Drug Courts in every county in every state as they have proven to reduce recidivism amongst addicts. It works.

  • Encourage private and public enterprises to help former convicts and recovering addicts in their full rehab and reentry in the workforce. We can reduce liability insurance rates for companies hiring ex-felons, etc., for example.

  • Ensure sufficient Naxolone supplies continue to exist which has helped overdoses. Continue to study the medical benefits, safety, and dosing of marijuana, so that we can use it for difficult-to-manage diseases, such as opiate addiction and chronic pain.

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