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Voting Rights

The Cause goes on

There is no greater duty for Ohioans than voting. Voting is the one sure way of voicing our opinions by electing those to office we believe best to represent our ideals and values. Voting is one of those sacred rights in America that is precious to so many, but was not given to everyone. That’s why our country had to change from when only a few could vote to the many who now can.

But voting is under attack today more than ever by state and federal lawmakers who want to make it harder for Americans to vote. We are seeing updated forms of Jim Crow era laws making it harder for folks to vote, districts where lawmakers pick their voters and People losing their vote due to voter purges because they choose not to vote in a prior election.. These restrictions are a way for those in power to remain in power by putting party over country and it is costing us our freedom.

Democracy is hard work and it is never-ending for citizens to make sure their civil rights are being protected by the very people they vote into office. Even in the 21st Century the Cause must go on to ensure voting rights for everyone and fair and representative voting districts.


Gerrymandering must stop

Gerrymandering is a process where politicians decide who their voters are going to be for the next ten years. In Ohio for example, the GOP drew our districts in 2011 in such a way that not one district flipped party control in the ten years they were used even though our state voted for both President Obama and Trump twice.

Voters in many states demanded fair maps, like in Ohio, but like Ohio many states have failed or refused to comply with the People’s voice. Once again, in 2024 we are forced to use unconstitutional maps and will have to do so for Ohio legislative races for the next 8 years. My campaign fully supports the 2024 ballot initiative to create an independent commission to draw legislative districts going forward.


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