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Locals Should Have More Say in Landfill Projects

Recently I attended the Sunny Farms application public meeting to expand their landfill near Fostoria last night. It was held at Camden Falls in Tiffin where crowds of community members packed it to standing room only. I feel it's important for projects such as this be held to the same standards as other projects. So i went and asked questions and reminded the community that state lawmakers made it easier for local officials to ban wind farms so how come they won't do the same for landfills residents no longer want?

Integrity in our leadership is important and speaking in public forums like this gives the communities we live in a direct voice to those in power. Unfortunately politicians, like Bob Latta and the Republican party in Ohio don't understand this important value we know so well in our own towns and villages. It's why they singled out wind and solar and not oil and gas for locals to decide. It's why Bob Latta voted against protecting communities from price gouging at the pump.

Craig Swartz standing next to two citizens smiling

I am proud to speak truth to power and will continue to advocate for the communities and People.


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