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PRESS RELEASE: The Supreme Court Decision

Jun 25, 2022

Only Congress can settle this issue by passing legislation affirming a woman’s right to make choices about their own healthcare.


Upper Sandusky, June 24, 2022: The Supreme Court Decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization should come as no surprise as the May leak not only foretold us it was coming, but the recent flood of decisions made by this Court simply confirmed its pending official announcement.

Mr. Swartz pointed out that prior decisions in the last two weeks have further eroded Americans of their rights under the 4th and 6th Amendments. The Hobbs’ decision today shows this Court’s utter disregard to the proper use of precedent, instead relying on ancient, religiously-based beliefs that absolutely should have no bearing or weight in decisions concerning a modern-day individual’s most deeply held personal beliefs.

Swartz said today’s decision crystallizes the task ahead for those who continue to believe that only Congress can settle this issue by passing legislation affirming a woman’s right to make choices about their own healthcare. He emphasized that the only recourse now is for women, and everyone else who believes in upholding an individual’s free will, is to vote for representatives who will make sure this happens.

Swartz continued; “I am blessed to be in this position to defend, protect and now work to restore, once and for all, a woman’s right to choose what she wants to do with her body. Her body, her choice, it’s that simple and a majority of Americans agree with me.”

For the last several decades the Radical Right has pursued a political agenda to infiltrate the U.S. court system and instill their fanatical will over a branch of government that was meant to be always outside of politics and be a people’s last resort for justice. The Republican-controlled U.S. Senate used dishonest means to install ideologically driven justices on the Court and achieving their long-desired goal of an activist Court doing their legislative job for them.

A properly functioning judicial system is absolutely necessary for any democratically based system of government to survive, but as we have witnessed and come to expect from this Supreme Court, they are issuing dysfunctional decisions and undermining democratic values long-held by the majority in the U.S.

Mr. Swartz said he “condemns the utter hypocrisy shown by the Court in just the past 24 hours by stating there are basically no restrictions whatsoever on a person’s 2A rights in the New York State Rifle Assn., Inc. v. Bruen case, but then the very next day instruct everyone that that kind of freedom from government overreach doesn’t exist for half our population.”

For further inquiries please contact Craig Swartz at tel:4192092053 or Keith Mundy, Campaign Manager at tel:2164064320.

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