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Campaign Finance Reform

Citizens United has made us Disunited

It’s no wonder the average voting individual in the U.S. feels their vote doesn’t matter anymore. Huge amounts of money are spent by corporate PACs that make sure nothing ever changes for People. With dark money, our communities are more divided than ever. People have a simple right to see who is donating to our leaders in government.

The good news is that the times are finally changing and across the country where small donors are rising up and getting their political voice heard. My campaign will not accept corporate PAC money ever. Our campaign will accept Union donations because Unions represent average hard working Americans who need to get their voices heard.


Public Financed Campaigns

It’s simple. Shining a light on our campaigns will make the politicians earn the trust they’ve lost with voters back. Communities and People shouldn't have to worry about whether their leaders are bought and paid for by the highest bidders.

As your leader in Congress, I will introduce legislation to have all campaigns for Congress, including the Presidential, to be publicly financed with no outside dark money going directly into a candidate’s campaign account. It is one of many common sense solutions to the corruption we see in Washington and its long past due.


Terms and Term Limits

Our campaign favors term limits for the House and Senate as a way of limiting money in politics. Actually, in the case of the House, it might be better to increase the term of the Representative from two to four years and the reason being is that this gives the Representative more time to legislate and truly represent the People without having to fundraise all the time.

Incumbents in Congress already have an unfair advantage against challengers due to the perks of their office, and with their sizable war chests it makes them nearly impossible to unseat.


Ban Politicians in Stock Trading

All stock trading by Members of Congress and their staff must come to an end. Working in Congress means getting inside information before anyone else and is another example of money influencing our politics if voting is done simply for self-dealing purposes. Stock trading by Members of Congress and their staff is not free-market capitalism but rather free market corruption. Public service is just that, a call to service for those willing to sacrifice for the greater good of all, not for the few.

Folks, for me it comes down to trust. Can we trust that the politicians aren’t making money at our expense? I certainly don’t trust them and I think a majority of Americans would agree with me. I believe voters must have trust in their elected leaders. The STOCK Act passed in 2012 by President Obama was a nice bipartisan start, but it didn’t go far enough to earn the public’s trust ten years later. That is why I will support any effort to make sure that our leaders and those closest to them can’t make money by having the privilege of working in government.

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