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Putting My Experience to Work

My work experience, particularly these last twelve years, has broadened my political education to the point of providing me with an enhanced ability to relate to a large varied group of working people; everyone from the boardroom to the stockroom, from the long-haul truck drivers to the warehouse workers, from the restaurant owners to the line cooks, from the trade workers to the trade school and from the factory to the farm.


As far as I can remember, I have placed upon myself two  goals above all others throughout my life, and that is, to seek wisdom for my own personal growth and to employ compassion for others. In pursuit of knowledge as evidenced by my life’s journey, I am one who has sought the path less traveledtraveling across Ohio, the U.S. and many countries of the world, encountering all walks of life, learning their ways and wishes all the while adding to my experiences.


Each step I’ve taken has only increased my abilities to seek those answers that will help others in their own lives. It is the sum  of all of these experiences that make me uniquely qualified me as the best candidate to be of service to not just the People in my district, but to all of Ohio, and especially those Ohioans in need of help.

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