School Choice 

Keeping Your Money In Your Community 

The Ohio voucher program is out of control and the legislators who have grown this behemoth over the years have finally admitted that changes need to be made now. If the General Assembly hadn’t stopped the automatic tripling of eligible schools for the voucher program that was due to become effective February 2, 2020, Ohio taxpayers would have been on the hook for $400 million this upcoming school year to pay for students to attend charter and private schools. 

These are public funds being taken from public school districts where you live so instead of the money you voted for to be spent on your neighborhood schools, it is being sent elsewhere. A compromise was reached weeks afterward but the change merely reduced the amount of eligible schools.

What began in the late 90’s with the creation of a relatively small voucher program for Cleveland schools that desperately needed it at the time to address a severely critical situation has now grown to a state-wide program that essentially constitutes absolute avoidance of the financing issue. The voucher system needs to be reined in, reduced in size and public monies, regardless of its source, need to remain in the school district.