Renewable Farming  

 That Benefits Ohio 

Our Farming Can Benefit Our Communities

Ohio will transition from coal and (eventually) petroleum-based fuels to wind and solar energy generation – as well as renewable biofuels and geothermal energy – and is a necessary first step.  Farmers have a vested interest in expanding opportunities associated with Renewable Energies, such as ethanol, that can now be produced with hemp instead of corn and is more efficient.


Ohio lawmakers need to fully support the Renewable Fuel Standard by acknowledging the benefits to Ohio farmers and the overall economy of Ohio’s ethanol industry – from pump to field.


 Ohio Grown & Made 

Wind and solar development provides unique economic opportunities for Ohio’s rural economy, providing leasing fees to landowners, tax benefits for rural school districts, and high-tech jobs for young Ohioans. Ohio lawmakers also need to come up with a mutually agreed upon uniform setback requirement for wind turbines that satisfies rural landowners concerns but also encourages further renewable sources. HB6 needs to be amended for a number of reasons but one for sure is bringing back the Renewable Energy Mandate that saved Ohioans $9 Billion over a ten year period. 


Ohio could greatly expand solar power as alternatives for homeowners, particularly rural areas.