Statement | Gov. DeWine Re-Opens Ohio

On Tuesday, Governor DeWine announced the lifting of the stay-at-home order here in Ohio, effectively ending it 12 days before it’s intended expiration of May 31 despite the fact that Ohio has not seen any real decline in the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths per the federal guidelines for lifting restrictions. Sadly Governor Dewine finally caved into the partisan pressure from his own party to irresponsibly open things up in Ohio giving more evidence that Ohio Republicans favor profits over People. While Governor Dewine said that his administration will continue to emphasize testing, contact tracing and other measures, which I feel is vital to protecting our communities and businesses, but without valuing our communities over politics and following through on the initial orders I am not confident there’s a commitment by the governor to meet those goals.

Ohio is still nowhere near where we’re supposed to be on testing and the prisons in Marion and now Belmont has worsened over the last few days without the slightest urgency by the governor. Governor Dewine had the majority of Ohio in supporting him and Dr. Acton towards securing a safe return for Ohio, but now that he’s backtracking in the face of an irresponsible minority parading around saying masks don’t work, he risks our state’s recovery entirely.

I had high hopes that Governor Dewine would be a different governor that would put partisan politics aside for our communities and instead I am left highly disappointed in him today. These political games illustrate why I am running for state senate district 26. The games must end and I will bring the needed change in our state politics.