Press Release | Ohio 2020 Primary Results

I would like to congratulate Bill Reineke and his campaign on winning the Republican Party primary and securing his place as my opponent on the November 3rd General Election ballot for State Senate - District 26.  I and my campaign look forward to engaging in a civil and productive race with Mr. Reineke.

In light of the circumstances surrounding this primary election, I am sure Bill and his campaign team share a welcome sense of relief that this phase of the contest is finally over and that it’s now about all People in District 26 and the many important issues that we are sure to debate.

The Covid-19 virus pandemic is not only showing everyone how woefully unprepared we were at present but how we were set up for this “Big Fall” more than 20 years ago. Republican-led General Assemblies and Governors cut back on local government spending for years and now find themselves scrambling to deliver essential services statewide. Decades old unemployment compensation computer systems left in antiquated disarray due to indifference by lawmakers. Our schools closed and focusing on remote learning, revealing the truth that rural Ohioans have known for years that many students in our rural communities still have no viable internet access in 2020.

Our campaign will make the case that people are tired of the politics as usual and want a real change in state leadership that’s actually going to work for the People. Our current challenges whether economic or social are pushing us to reject the same-old song and dance routine we see in our current representatives and provides us an opportunity to explore common sense ideas about agriculture, education, energy, infrastructure and manufacturing.

My campaign will be focused on delivering important topics for discussion and laying out a great future for not only our communities in Senate district 26, but across Ohio as well.