Ohio’s Protests In Response To The Murder of George Floyd

It is deeply disturbing to witness three of Central Ohio's most prominent elected officials, all of whom are African American, being maced by uniformed police during a peaceful demonstration outside Ohio's Statehouse. Thousands of Ohioans, including those in Marion, Ohio earlier today have been using their voices to express long standing frustrations. Tensions are sky high right now, as we can see across the country, so calm and restraint should be crucial to everyone at all times.

The horrifying deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor have awoken many to the problems that have been building for decades that have exploded across the country. These tragedies, while signaling great distress, are also a call for us to act now. Our Ohio Legislative Black Caucus has called for declaring racism a public health crisis and I couldn’t agree more with this. Actions like these, not do-nothing community-police committees, are what we need to bring trust back into our communities.

We can put an end to systemic racism in our government; and collectively reject prejudices from our communities. It is my commitment as a candidate and, with our communities’ help State Senator, to work to create a more equitable system that treats all human beings with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Images are from Marion, Ohio | May 30, 2020 | By Andrea McDonald