Craig Swartz Reacts To President Trump Visiting Clyde, Ohio


August 6, 2020

Upper Sandusky- Today, Craig Swartz (D-Upper Sandusky), candidate for Ohio Senate in District 26, issued the following reaction to President Trump’s touring of the Whirlpool plant in Clyde, which is part of Craig’s district:

The Whirlpool manufacturing facility in Clyde produces its entire line of washing machines and employs 3,000 Ohio workers. While I’m proud to see the spotlight on Ohio-made products made by hard-working Ohioans, this visit also highlights our state’s growing economic problems. Problems the President tried to fix with tariffs on Chinese products. The tariffs were supposed to protect American businesses like Whirlpool, but instead ended up costing our communities more, and helping the foreign companies.

These communities like many others in my district are hurting and feel forgotten.

It’s also sad that the President’s visit looks to be little more than a photo-op to draw attention away from his administration’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in the worst economic loss in our nation’s modern history.

While thankfully Clyde’s residents have Whirlpool operating at this time, folks in surrounding areas like Bellevue, Fremont, Marion and Marysville have not been as lucky in those job opportunities. Workers are struggling to find dignified employment that allows them to keep their families safe and pays them fairly during the COVID-19 pandemic. These communities like many others in my district are hurting and feel forgotten.

My hope is that the President finds time after his tour in Clyde and before his exclusive Bratenahl fundraiser to address the serious issues that working Ohioans and their families face. Unemployment, underemployment, and the end of the eviction moratorium have led many Ohio families to the brink of financial disaster. Many in our district and across Ohio are facing eviction through no fault of their own, and it cannot be ignored any longer by our elected GOP leaders.