Funding Our 

 Roads & Bridges 

From Main Street to The Interstate

In 2019, the General Assembly raised the excise fuel taxes on gasoline, diesel and alternative fuels in order to head off a $1 billion shortfall in the transportation budget, despite GOP promises to never raise taxes.  However, since the excise tax hadn’t been raised in over 20 years, the moderate 10.5 cent increase per gallon will barely cover the shortfall and leave no extra for anything else. Most experts, including the GOP Governor, argued the tax needed to be higher.

The state tax was 28 cents per gallon as of June 2019. A one cent increase would bring in an estimated $67 million per year. However revenues have not kept up with rising costs in road maintenance, and as a consequence, timelines for road improvements keep getting extended further out. Ohio could accomplish greater and quicker projects if Ohio raises the tax by another 8 cents per gallon in the next budget to cover the shortfall and boost revenues going forward.