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PRESS RELEASE | Swartz Wins the Democratic Primary for the 5th District

May 4, 2022

Craig Swartz Prevails In the 5th Congressional Democratic Primary

(Upper Sandusky, OH) Craig Swartz is proud and honored that he has prevailed in the Democratic Primary for the 5th Congressional District seat over Martin Heberling of Amherst, Ohio. He looks forward to representing hard working communities and working side by side with Martin to get democratic voter turnout to record levels. Mr. Swartz said that Martin has demonstrated he is a good campaigner and will work diligently to help our side win decisive victories in the Fall. Swartz said; “Martin has a good grasp of the issues facing our communities and to finally see Bob Latta get out of the way of working People.”

Mr. Swartz is committed to bringing good governance back in Congress and that means meeting regularly with the People in an open and unscripted setting, something, Mr. Swartz added, “that Bob Latta hasn’t done in over 5,000 days.” Mr. Swartz is excited to talk about his plans for securing health care, supporting labor and making communities whole again with each of the twelve counties making up District 5, and meet the People face to face to listen and learn from them what they most want out of their Representative. Mr. Swartz believes it’s way past time for representatives to win the back the trust of their constituents and he aims to begin right there, one voter at a time.

“I wish to thank all of the people who voted for me, contributed to my campaign so far and who have supported me these last months. I want to especially thank my wife, Camille, for her encouragement and loving support, and my son Connor, for being there always."
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