Manufacturing the Politics At Our Expense

Politicians from both sides like to tout that they have the answers to a manufacturing revival; that the jobs are coming back and America will be strong again if we just fix the broken agreements or address the trade imbalances. The sad fact is that manufacturing companies are not going to bring any jobs back when their bottom line is continually padded with the profits made overseas with cheaper labor or that heavy manufacturing even here becomes more automated by the day.

Ohio is a prime example of everything gone wrong with our misguided beliefs these past decades. Ohio still remains one of the country’s largest economies but it is not because of manufacturing.  Ohio’s largest employer at a single location is Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, thanks largely to bloated defense budgets.  WalMart is the largest employer as a result of our transition to a service economy selling goods mostly made in China thanks to those trade agreements everyone hates, and the Cleveland Clinic is another company employing thousands, making it the largest healthcare provider in Ohio.