Ohioan's Right 
 To Defense 

In light of the recent gun related mass shootings like Dayton, it has become vital paramount for Ohioans and their elected leaders to agree on a path forward that protects everyone's right to defend themselves, their family and their personal property. 


But it is equally as important that Ohioans enjoy the freedom of movement within their own home, community and State without fear of a potentially fatal gun-related incident occurring in their presence.

Image by Pawel Janiak



Without question, gun safety should be enhanced without infringing on anyone's constitutional rights as statistics prove considerably more people die from gun-related suicide in our State than mass shootings, therefore, legislation promoting gun safety and storage must be brought to the fore, like HB240.

Image by Sophia Müller


Red flag laws work when they  ensure due process for those considered to be a danger to themselves and others. 


My campaign does not believe in taking away guns without proper due process and Strong Ohio, as presently written, needs to be further examined in that regard, as pointed out by the ACLU.

Image by Bill Oxford

 Red Flag Laws